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1/16 Wright Flyer

Posted by Paul On May - 7 - 2020

5/7/2023 I've just started this 1/16 scale model of the Wright Flyer by Hasegawa.  It's part of their Museum Model Series; in the past I've built their 1/16 Sopwith Camel (fantastic model).  This model is now qjite expensive, I purchased it several years ago.  As I recall it came from the aeronautics department of a univeristy back east.  They evedentely ordered it, but never got around to building it – good for me!  The kit consists of parts made of metal, plastic and wood and is very nicely presented with great instructions. 

The Wright Flyer (also known as the Kitty Hawk, Flyer I or the 1903 Flyer) made the first sustained flight by a manned heavier-than-air powered and controlled aircraft—an airplane—on December 17, 1903. Invented and flown by brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, it marked the beginning of the pioneer era of aviation.

The aircraft is a single-place biplane design with anhedral (drooping) wings, front elevator (a canard) and rear rudder. It used a 12 horsepower gasoline engine powering two pusher propellers. Employing 'wing warping' it was relatively unstable and very difficult to fly.

The Wright brothers flew it four times in a location now part of the town of Kill Devil Hills, about 4 miles (6 kilometers) south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The airplane flew 852 ft (260 m) on its fourth and final flight, but was damaged on landing, and minutes later powerful gusts blew it over, wrecking it.

The aircraft never flew again but was shipped home and subsequently restored by Orville. The aircraft was initially displayed in a place of honor at the London Science Museum until 1948 when the resolution of an acrimonious priority dispute finally allowed it to be displayed in the Smithsonian. It is now exhibited in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.










































HERE is a video 0f the completed model.

Here are the pictures:

Starting top wing

5/22/2023 Top wing skinned.

Bottom wing started

5/23/2023 Bottom wing primed

5/25/2023 Botom wing is ready to cover








Here are the pictures of the finiished Wright Flyer:

1/200 USS Missouri

Posted by Paul On April - 27 - 1978

Ok – I had a spell of crazyness where I decided to buld the Trumpeter 1/200 USS Missouri.  Well – here is what happend.  I got the model, the full set of photo etch and decking from Prontos.  The insanity didn't end there.  I also bought 10 sets of 40mm Quad Bofors Gun mounts from Vetran Models.  They are better than the kit bofors, and I'm assuming also better than the buld up ones from the Pontos set.  Well – here are the pictures along with the reference materials I've gathered ….

Here is the Los Angeles Examiner headlines for August 15, 1945

Japanese Surrender Documents


5/5/2018 I’ve now finished the hull painting. Paint is a combination of Tamiya acrylics and Model Master enamel for the blue deck color which is also the upper hull and all vertical superstructure. I used Tamiya lacquer thinner for all the paint. This is the first time I’ve tried this thinner and I like how the paint sprays with it, even the Model Master enamel thinns will with it. I've also decided to do this model with a blue deck as I think that's more accurate for the period.  Also shown here is the UV cure fast drying resin that I will be trying for the photo etch attachment, as well as a small parts vise.


5/12/2018 In looking over other builds on the internet, I noticed that the black boot stripe was narrower than mine.  After some research, I've decided that the stripe needed to be reduced from 10mm to 6mm high.  I've also added some photo etch and misc parts on the bow.  I've jiust finished painting this area, next I will mask off and paint the details there grey (Tamiya XF-19).  I've found that in some areas the UV resin glue works quite well. The third picture shows the new Pontos brass ship stands – I think they look quite nice; at present they are just screwed into the plastic hull.

8/7/2018 I've just gotten back to working on this. As usual it's the adheasives and photo etch that drives me nuts.  Here are the latest photos…

3/12/2019 The ship is finished – finally.  The last two months I've had hand tremors which is exciting when your working with micro size photo etch!  It turned out pretty good – good spots and less good spots. Boy am I glad it's done, it's been a long haul!!!  Here are some pictures…