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Full Scale Naval Cannon

Posted by Paul On September - 13 - 2001



Back in the fall of 2018 I really felt that I should have a historic naval cannon.  A full scale one.  It turns out that at the time there was a company in New Zealand that made them.  They were something like polyurethane and weighed 8 pounds.  Not perfect, but the price was right.   I would make do with a non-firing cannon.

So – the cannon barrel arrived, and it was great.  Now I needed a gun carriage.  I searched the web for cannon carriage designs like our navy used in the 1750 to 1850 time period.  I made the everything out of wood and plastic in my shop – even the blocks.  There are metal bolt rods where they should be.  It was a lot of fun.  I searched for the various sized of rope I needed and rigged it up and there you have it.