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Posted by Paul On May - 18 - 2009










This is me in college next to my trusty 1955 Mercury Monterey – many many years ago. In fact it was in the last century. That car had an automatic transmission and you had to start it in nuteral for some reason – not in park. If you put the transmission in low – the throttle would stick every time – the car would just accelerate. I pulled that on a few friends – I would tell them to start it then put it in low gear. Always good for a laugh – the blood would just drain from their faces. Thinking about it now – it was a crazy thing to do – I’m surprised we never hit anything.






Here is a pic of some friends and I in my dorm room. This looks like my junior year. I was an ra at the time (resident advisor) – that was a sweet deal. I just had to work on the desk in the dorm for 6 hours per week and be in charge of one wing of guys and I got a room to myself and my room and board was paid for. In this picture you see from left to right – Jerry, Marshal, me, and Bill. As you can see I built models in college too. And I still use the desk lamp in my hobby room. In the other pic to the right I'm with Dean Odenthall on the right – I can't remember his roommates name on the left.  By the way I'm drinking rootbeer here.

Here is Chris giving Rick a shaving cream shampoo:










These are pictures of my good friend Bill, my college roomate – he was a spaceman on the homecoming float the local chapter of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) built. I was the float chairman so I was the guy inside the float working the propeller on top of the space ship and also the fire extinguisher that served as the spaceship rocket exhaust. We won the theme award. It looks corny now – but it was a lot of fun. I don’t recall where Bill got the costume – but the space helmet wouldn’t fit on his head so he couldn’t hide inside it but had to carry it insted. At halftime at the homecoming football game we were able to bring all of the floats onto the track and circle the football field. When Bill went to accept the theme trophy at half time he slipped on the podium and fell flat on his butt. It was hilarious – everyone just roared – Bill just laid there flat on his back timing when to get up.

I think he fell on purpose.


Here's another pic of Bill –  whatcha lookin at Bill?









Here are some new pics I just discovered last night (7/6/09):


These were taken when we went on a snow trip to Big Bear.  The cabin all of the guys stayed in had a problem with the toilet.  Or some one did during the night because when I got up the next morning (I happened to get up first) I discovered that the whole place was flooded!  That darn toilet must have  run (overflowed) all night while we slept.  What a mess.








These are pics of Bill and I in our dorm room during our freshman year – 1967-68.  I found the sledge hammer at the side of the road one day as we were hitchhicking back to school after eating dinner one weekend.  I used it to pound on the floor sometimes – nice because we lived on the third floor – you could probably hear it  everywhere.









On the left is Chris  in his room – on  the right are four of us trying to make a doorway pyramid.  We were just about to collapse.








Jerry on the left and me on the right dressed up for some kind of party or somehting – or maybe just bored.








Me in my room – awake on the left and asleep on the right.








Me still sleeping in a chair we found somewhere.  That Rick on the right hitching a ride.







Rod Ems is to the duck pond (left) and the Aliso Hall Third East wing picture for the 1967 year book.

Here is a picture of Bill and I taken in 2006. I’m on the right. We have a few more miles on us now.











Here we are again on June 4th 2011 outside our freshman dorm room in Aliso Hall – good old room 316.  Boy there are sure a lot of memories in this room!!!



Here is a picture of Bill an I flanking our old classmate Dr. Ali Amadi who is now chairman of the Aerospace department at Cal Poly.  We were attending the 2011 Cal Poly Aero department banquet on June 3rd which Dr. Amadi was hosting.



Here is a picture of me at the spot where I was thrown into the duck pond in November of 1970.  I can still picture the duck pond from 6 feet from the shore about three feet above the surface as I was looking down just before I landed.  Some things just stay with you.  I remember running 1/2 mile back to the dorm in pretty cold weather.  I had to wash my clothes out three times to get them clean.  You can imagine what the bottom is like in a pond inhabited by ducks – very soft and squishy!