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Taigen R/C 1/16 Tiger1

Posted by Paul On October - 6 - 2008




This tank an upgraded Heng Long tank. The upgrades were done by a company called Taigen. There web page can be found HERE.  The tank is all metal and quite heavy, it weighs about 20 pounds.  I has complete sounds system – engine startup and shut down, and running.  There are also sounds of the turret turning and well as the machine gun and main gun firing.  When the main gun fires the whole tank rocks back from the recoil.  It also has a smoke system which I have upgraded.  I have upgraded several items on this – added figures and a machine gun and ammo on the turret top.  I've also added a bucket, chain, camo net and a roll of barbed wire.  I've modified the paint job and added an antenna as well as spare tacks on the turret.  I've removed the exhaust hoses on the back – something that was done in the field.  I've upgraded the gearboxes to steel gears and also upgraded the battery to a larger size.  I've also added some mud and wear and tear to replicate field use.  This is a blast to drive around the yard – my 4 year old grandson loves it and can drive it really well.  I really recommend Taigen – their customer service is second to none!!  I have on order a 1/6 scale r/c Sherman – stay tuned!