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Solar Eclipse

Posted by Paul On August - 21 - 2017


Here are some of the photos I took today of the solar eclipse; since I stayed home in Provo I was only able to record a 90% coverage of the sun.  Still it was very cool.  When the sun was 90% covered the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees and it was really pleasant outside.  The photos were taken with my Celestron 11 inch Schmidt Cassigrain telescope with a focal reducer attached.  The focal reducer caused the images to be clipped – that's why I wasn't able to record full pictures of the Sun.  The camera I used was a Canon 60Da camera modified for astrophotography.  The pictures were taken at an ISO of 200, exposure of 1/200 second.  I didn't order a sun filter ahead of time for the telescope, so I made one using 2 layers of a space blanket which worked ok.  It may have caused some degradation of picture sharpness however.

SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+102f_20170821-10h05m24s646ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+100f_20170821-10h22m09s592ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+97f_20170821-10h24m24s067ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+113f_20170821-10h30m35s348ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-10h45m18s887ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+138f_20170821-10h57m28s183ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+129f_20170821-11h07m58s564ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+135f_20170821-11h15m18s160ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+124f_20170821-11h33m59s615ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+113f_20170821-11h39m07s933ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-11h45m29s447ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+122f_20170821-12h01m19s227ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-12h17m00s470ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+109f_20170821-12h34m18s514ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+131f_20170821-12h47m42s867ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+136f_20170821-12h56m16s743ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+126f_20170821-12h59m46s559ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-13h00m49s228ms