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This is a model that I’m building for my son Jared. I haven’t yet built him anything and it’s about time I did. I had a hard time getting this as it’s kinda rare now, but I was finally able to get it on e-bay for a nice price. Here is the pic of the box:










Well – I’ve gotten quite abit done. It helps that this is a pretty simple with not too many parts. As I have read on the net – the hull halves don’t mate up exactly which necessitated a bit of sanding and puttying. I glued in the closed torpedo tube sections on the bow area with heavy plastic glue – but when I returned the next day they had sagged and dried out of position. I fixed that by filling the void with Milliput clay. This is the first time I’ve used it and it worked great. So here are the pics:










Well, Its finished. I mounted the sub on a pine plank that I routed around the edges. It’s held up by two brass tubes. I finished it with a final coat of Micro Scale Flat and think it turned out really nice. Here are the final pics: